The purpose of this discussion board activity is for you to develop an action plan for the scenario in the Workplace Violence Scenario (External link provided at the bottom) video. Imagine that you are this companys Vice President of Human Resources with a Ph.D. in I/O Psychology. Considering the events in the video and your position at the company, please answer the following questions using concepts from the assigned course materials and any other scholarly, credible sources you choose:

  • What policies and/or procedures could you, as VP of Human Resources, put into place that might help prevent this type of violent behavior at work?
  • Is there anything that could be included in the personnel selection process to screen out employees like Mark, preventing them from being hired?
  • How would you handle your own stress (as vice president of human resources) given the added pressure you are now experiencing after this violent workplace incident?
  • Prior to the incident that occurred in the video, what actions would you have implemented to help increase communication between Mark (or any employee) and management regarding his deeply stressful personal situation?

Your post should answer these questions in a thorough and detailed manner to provide a scholarly analysis of the course concepts being applied to this discussion. Your initial post should be approximately 500 substantive words. Be sure to incorporate concepts covered in the textbooks, lecture, and from your own research. Also, please cite in APA style at least two credible, scholarly sources to support your assertions. You may use your textbook and/or any of the assigned readings as sources.

Link to video: