Critically compare, contrast and assess the merits and limitations of any two strategic management models or theories.

 Each strategic management model or theory should be representative of or categorized within different Schools of strategic management, as portrayed within the module.

 You might wish to situate your analysis within the context of a case study or worked example (in accordance with Part 1 of the summative assessment), although this is not essential for your formative assessment.

In terms of the content of the formative essay, it is designed to provide you with opportunities for reading, critical appraisal of literature and theory and writing, in support of your ultimate completion of your summative assessment. 

As such, you are recommended to familiarize yourself with the summative assessment brief and the assessment criteria before completion of your formative assessment. 

The tutors will also offer constructive feedback and comment on other significant issues, such as presentation of your work and correct citation and referencing techniques, where appropriate.