CRM  (7 pages)
Company name: Tips & Toes Salon

Learning Outcomes being assessed:
– Describe the need for CRM for conventional and e-Business firms
– List the fundamentals of developing a customer strategy.
Must include the below:
You are requested to choose any conventional and firm in UAE and perform the given tasks:
•    Abstract & brief about the selected firm:
o    Abstract  (300 Words)
o    brief about the selected firm (400 Words)
•    Company brief description (600 Words): In line with the processes of the organization, give a brief description about the need for CRM for the selected firm:
•    Explanation (600 Words): How has the application E-business influenced the organization performance and effectiveness? importance of CRM and how it contributes to the overall value of the external customer loyalty and internal employee happiness. Along with providing information on the below:
o    Mention the ways and the reason behind using such as membership what are they gaining from and provide proper.
o    What kind of the loyalty program they are applying and how does it work?
o    How are they applying the CRM?

Make sure to include the below point in the assignment:
–    Provide Evidence for the mentioned loyalty program