Cross-Cultural Communication
Concept: Cross-Cultural Communications
The point of the analysis papers is twofold-
1. Show me that you can take a class concept(Cross-Cultural Communication) and
apply it to real day relevance.
2. Show me that you can evaluate and determine a credible source
of information.
For this class we will follow is called the D.I.E. Framework. Describe, Interpret, and Evaluate. You must describe and define the concept(Cross-Cultural Communication) that you have chosen to use. Whats your concept?(Cross-Cultural Communication) Put it into your own words. What is the object of this concept? In what kinds of situation might we find this concept? You must then interpret your concept with a real world example. Find an example that really highlights the concept youve chosen. What are possible
explanations for this example? Bring the concept to life by highlighting the example youve found. How do the two things relate to each other? Finally, you must evaluate your concept and
example. Bring in the experts. What do they say about the example youre using? Wheres the controversy? Whats the conflict or dilemma?
The Guidelines
Five paragraphs
Page length: 2 pages (no more, no less)
Font: Times New Roman or Calibri (12 pt.)
Margins: 1 on all sides
The Structure
Introduce the concept and example
Preview of the body of the paper (what is going to be discussed?)
Paragraph #1 Descriiption of the issue
Paragraph #2 Interpretation of the issue (citations)
Paragraph #3 Evaluation of the issue (citations)
Summary of Case. What did you discuss in your paper? No new info!
The Grammar
Last name and first name
Significantly limit use of first person voice
Authors point of view (Its times like these when I thought my father) To
Kill A Mockingbird
Absolutely no second person voice
Narrative (You must be the change you see in the world) Mahatma Gandhi
Absolutely no contractions (isnt, didnt, werent, wont, etc.)
You are allowed a single quote of no more than 10 words.
The Sources
APA style is mandatory
Five sources are required.
Each source must be assessed using the CRAAP assessment. And, each attribute must include reasoning.