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For your assignment this week, you will write a 2-3 page (double-spaced) paper supported with evidence from an online website listing proverbs as well as 2-3 folktales. Follow the below pre-writing steps before writing your essay.
You need to cite 2-4 sources in APA format, including a website with proverbs and 2-3 folktales, for this assignment.

Read over your notes from analyzing the proverbs in Lesson 4. Consider what this analysis reflects about the relationship between language, culture, and diversity.

Explore this site, perusing folktales from different cultures: http://www.aaronshep.com/stories/folk.html

Find 2-3 folktales that you see as connected in some way (for example, they reflect similar, or very different, cultural values; or they rely on similar themes and/or imagery).

Determine what you can say about the relationship between language, culture, and diversity, drawing from both the proverbs and folk tales to support your claims.