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For your second short essay, you will answer and reflect upon three questions that pertain to the material we have covered in Weeks 3 & 4.
This assignment will not only provide an assessment of how well you comprehend the course material, but will also provide an opportunity for you to begin to demonstrate your analytical and critical thinking skills in written form.
This short essay is intended for you to demonstrate your grasp of the basic concepts in the course, specifically:
the historical significance of print media for Chicanx/Latinx people
the emergence of the Latino consumer market in the early 2000s
the differences and complexities of Chicanx/Latinx print media, zines & todays internet blogs
The short essay assignment consist of three key questions about the course reading and lecture material.
Students will type a response to the questions, demonstrating comprehension of the reading and lecture material, and the ability to apply and articulate course concepts and ideas in relation to detailed examples.
Students can also include reflections and insights from personal or familial cultural knowledge and lived experiences.
The format of your short essay should consist of 250 or more words, composed in properly arranged paragraphs, and, ideally, following the basic essay structure:
Include an intro statement or paragraph; like a summary of ideas or intro to the material to be covered.
Three body paragraphs to answer the three discussion forum questions, in which you explain key ideas, concepts, histories, cultural examples, etc. to answer the question.
After you have typed your three paragraphs, include a concluding statement or paragraph with a reflection on the material you covered or perhaps new insights you have developed on Chicanx & Latinx people in film and popular culture.
What larger ideas about Chicanx & Latinx people in film, mass media, and popular culture have you learned from the course material and how do they relate to your own lived experiences?
You are not obligated to follow this format, and creativity is most appreciated, but if you need a place to start on the path to completing the course successfully, the basic essay structure guide above is ideal.
Short Essay 2 Questions
Please answer the three questions below (with sub-questions) in three complete paragraphs.
If you are looking for an effective way to organize your assignment, follow the basic essay structure described above, with a brief introduction and a good conclusion paragraph.
1. Identity and describe an example of one of the following historical Chicana/o & Latina/o print media publications:
One of the Hispanic-American newspapers described by Charles Tatum from the 19th Century or the early 20th Century,