CV improvement based on cappfinity strengths profile
Paper details:
Complete an online strength-based assessment (called Cappfinity) during one of your Tutorials, thus identifying your current strengths and unrealized strengths, in particular, to explore what motivates and energizes you. From this assessment, to produce an action plan which identifies areas of improvements to address your unrealised strengths in the year ahead.

Building upon the knowledge you have gained from completing the strength assessment, to improve your CV it must be up-to-date, including skills being learned as a student in MMU. Include a copy of your final CV, as an appendix. Demonstrate you have worked to improve your CV and LinkedIn profile, using tools provided by MMU Careers Service (such as cvBuilder and cv360). Use screenshots, or other evidence, to show the improvements you made. Include a screenshot of your latest LinkedIn Profile, in your Word document.
The word count should be 600 words (plus or minus 10%), excluding your CV.

I attached my initial CV and the cappfinity strengths profile down below. let me know if you need anything else.