To prepare for this discussion, you must study Section 1.3 ( in Hurley and the other materials in the module list. In this discussion, you will do a set of exercises and then help each other in making corrections. Your initial post will be your answers to the 25 questions below. You should answer them on a Word or OpenOffice document and them copy them into the discussion. First, copy 1 25 below into your document. You must retain the numbers. Then write down the SPECIFIC TYPE of the argument (from the list below) after the argument with a one sentence explanation of why you think it is that type of argument. It might be helpful to make your answer all capitals or a different color to help distinguish it. When you are done, copy and paste your document into the discussion and post it. You must retain the numbers.
For the 25 arguments below, identify the specific type from this list (in rare cases there can there can be hybrid arguments which could be two types; if so, explain why)
Types of Deductive Arguments:
1. arguments based on mathematics
2. arguments from definition
3. categorical syllogisms
4. hypothetical syllogisms
5. disjunctive syllogisms
Types of Inductive Arguments:
1. predictions
2. arguments from analogy
3. inductive generalizations
4. arguments from authority
5. arguments based on signs
6. causal inferences
1 All women love to shop Jessica is a woman. Therefore, Jessica loves to shop
2 Every professor I have met likes to read. Therefore, all professors like to read
3 Ive personally examined 90% of the cheetahs that live in the wild in Africa, and all of them were incredibly fast. It stands to reason that ALL cheetahs are incredibly fast.
4 I dont think you should dig there. If you do, youll be electrocuted. That sign says, Danger. High-Voltage Underground Cable
5 I just dropped my backpack in a puddle, and all of my notes are in there. Im sure that they got wet.
6 Humans cannot survive in temperatures over 200F. Temperatures on the planet Mercury average over 300F. Humans, therefore, cannot survive unprotected on the planet Mercury
7 If this liquid is acidic it will turn litmus paper blue. This liquid turns litmus paper blue. Therefore this liquid is acidic.
8 If you really cared about me, youd buy me flowers. But since you havent, I guess you just dont care about me.
9 According to the U. S. Geological Survey, the polar bear population is actually increasing. So you should be skeptical about some of the claims of global warming alarmists.
10 All Irishmen drink a lot. Ardal is an Irishman .Therefore, Ardal drinks a lot
11 The jet stream is to the north of us again. So next week is going to be wet, cold and grey.
12 Last semester, students who missed a lot of class meetings in this class did not pass the course.
So, this semester, students who miss a lot of class meetings in this class will probably not pass the course
13. John is a bachelor. So he is unmarried.
14 A nation is like a home. Would you leave your door open and let people who are uninvited break into your home? Well, thats the point we need to secure the border with all reasonable measures.
15 It is wrong to tell a lie. Janes telling her mum her hair looked good was a lie. Therefore Janes telling her Mum her hair looked good was wrong.
16 Tomato plants that have been fed well, kept warm and watered frequently usually thrive. This tomato plant has been fed well and watered frequently but it is dead. Therefore this tomato plant hasnt been kept warm.
17. If Trump gets reelected, Democrats and Lefties will go crazy. Trump will win by a landslide. Get ready for some craziness.
18 Life is like a box of chocolates. With chocolates you never know what you will get. And thats the same with life.
19 All serial relations are transitive, aliorelative and connected. The relation greater than is a serial relation. Therefore the relation greater than is transitive, aliorelative and connected.
20 Either the Canadian dollar will fall against the U.S. dollar, or the manufacturing sector in Canada will continue to suffer decline. The Canadian dollar is not going to fall against the U.S. dollar, so the Canadian manufacturing sector will continue to decline.*
21 Each side of this square is 4 feet; therefore it is 16 square feet
22 If everyone were equal under the law, then I should have absolute immunity from being sued just like sitting Presidents. But I do not have such immunity. So obviously its not the case that everyone is equal under the law.
23 The Coalition has become steadily more unpopular as the recession has deepened. Therefore the Coalition will be dissolved before the next election.
24 If you are a nurse you would know how to give an injection. You are not a nurse. Therefore you dont know how to give an injection.
25 Either complete your college degree or you will end up homeless and in poverty. You dont want to end up like that; so complete your college degree!