In ENG 365, one of the most important class resources is you and your classmates, and our discussion boards and interactive lectures are a key place where you’ll be sharing your ideas and perspective with your classmates. To make our class discussion vibrant, I’d like you to keep a few things in mind. First of all, make sure to introduce yourself to the class in this first discussion board. Sharing your preferred name, your major, a life goal you hope to achieve (these can be serious or silly), and a photo or video is a great way to do this.
Second, a great way to invite your classmates to comment on your posts is by posing questions to them related to your post. It’s often easier to engage with a question than a comment!
Third, make sure to always respond courteously to classmates. You can do this by engaging their ideas specifically, not being afraid to disagree with classmates but always doing so in a respectful way, and pointing out when their ideas are insightful.
Our first discussion board is on Dorothy L Sayers and Dante Alighieri. For your main post, write a 250- to 350-word response interpreting how a Christian worldview was instrumental in Sayers’s translation of Dante’s Divine Comedy and how Dante uses imagination to present truths about the Christian life. Use textual evidence from Sayer’s introduction and Purgatory. You may also want to draw on Willerton’s article. Then, respond to two classmates with a substantial response to their interpretation.