Please use the document “Data Real” to complete the research paper.
1. Hypothesis about the potential function of your gene. (15 points).
Based on the analysis that you performed and on what is known from the published scientific literature about your gene, propose a hypothesis about a potential functional role that your gene plays in Arabidopsis. Make sure that you clearly describe the logic that you used to arrive at this hypothesis. Also make sure to provide literature citations for any published information that you reference in your descriptions.
2. Experimental plan to test the hypothesis. (20 points).
Describe an experiment or a set of experiments that you could use to test the hypothesis that you propose in above section 1. You can draw on knowledge that you gained from the lecture portion of the class (or other classes you have studied) in order to describe the specific experimental methods that you propose to use. Make sure you clearly describe how you will perform the experiment, what “controls” you will include in your experimental design, and the specific type of data that you will collect. Also describe how you will analyze the data. Finally, discuss that results that you would expect to obtain if your hypothesis is correct as well as the results that you would expect to obtain if your hypothesis is not correct.
Feel free to include drawings, figures, or diagrams if they will help to better communicate your ideas in any of the three sections listed above. Provide literature citations for any information that makes reference to published work.