Improving her overall health is a good way for Teresa to decrease stress levels, as is removing stressors from her environment. Teresa could reduce stress by being proactive in dealing with stressors. For example, checking e-mail every time an alert pops up on her screen is likely distracting and time consuming. Checking e-mail at specific times ensures that Teresa will see important messages in a timely manner, but she will avoid constant disruptions. Similarly, if you have a large class project that is stressing you out, you are better off breaking the project into small pieces and working on it a bit at a time.

Consider the following scenario and then answer the question.

Because of budget cuts, the company hasn’t been hiring new employees for open positions. Management has announced mandatory overtime for all employees effective immediately. David is especially stressed because the overtime will make it difficult for him to make it to his evening MBA classes. Which phase of the General Adaptation Syndrome is David experiencing?

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 1