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The scientific method refers to the way that psychologists (and scientists) approach answering a question. We have a question, something that we are curious about and about which we want to learn more, so we need to figure out what the best way for us is to get legitimate, unbiased answers to our questions.

For this discussion:

I’d like you to review the different ways in which psychologists conduct research and explain what method you would be best for determining the truth to the following statements:

1) Sugar causes hyperactivity in children. 

2) Alcoholism is inherited. 

3) Wearing a mask prevents COVID-19 infections.

4) Weed improves concentration. 

I have given you 4 possible ideas or hypotheses. Your task is:

  1. Choose 1 of the 4 hypotheses listed above and use the scientific method to figure out how to accurately test the hypothesis and find out if they are true, or not. In other words, what method(s) would you use to find out the truth for each statement?
  2. Have fun with this but make sure to use the information about the different types of research psychologists conduct. Help each other understand what methods psychologists use to conduct research. Your comments to each other should include your thoughts as to whether their method would be the best way to answer the hypotheses they chose to study


Again, here is the rubric to help you understand how the discussions will be graded:

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