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You must write a Research Report on the topic that you introduced in WA #1, the Proposal Memo, and for which you gathered and reported on and reviewed your research sources in WA #2, the Synthesis Literature Review. Your research report is the culmination of the work you have done with WA #1, the Proposal Memo and WA #2, the Synthesis Literature Review. Your Research Report must be at least 2000 words long. In your Research Report, you will do the following for your readers: (Both my WA #1 & #2 are in the attachmnets)

-define a workplace or community (neighborhood)problem persuasively and accurately.
-propose one or more possible solutions to the problem or issue.
-present one or more possible solutions to a clearly identified decision-maker (or group of decision-makers) who can implement the recommendation(s) you make for solving the problem or addressing the issue.
How WA #3, the Research Report relates to WA #1, the Proposal Memo and WA #2, the synthesis Literature Review

In the Proposal Memo you decided upon a suitable topic (a workplace or community problem and one or more possible solutions) and introduced your topic to a decision maker (or group of decision makers). In the Synthesis Literature Review you gathered research sources about your topic, identified themes related to the topic within your sources, and discussed how the sources related to each other in their treatment of the themes you identified (this is synthesis). Now, in the Research Report, you must present an explanation and discussion of your topics problem(s) and why the problem(s) need to be addressed supported by your research and offer one or more possible solutions supported by your research. You will now have identified a problem, researched sources to get expert views about the problem(s). and offered one or more solutions to the problem supported by research. You will have moved from identifying a problem to research the problem and possible solutions to reporting upon your research and findings to a decision maker.