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part 1 define and explain the 4 main types of scales variables can be measured on nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio scales
using the chart below or creating own identify each of the 12 columns on the spreadsheet as nominal, ordinal, or interval/ratio data
part 2 in 2-3 pages define and explain the differences among mean, media, mode and standard deviation using excel data sort column a drg definition to only show 001-HEART TRANSPLANT OR IMPLANT OF HEART ASSIST SYSTEM W MCC records for this assignment you will only use data from column i total discharges and column l average medicare payments using excel calculate the mean mode median and standard deviation for column i total discharges using excel calculate the mean for column l average medicare payments present findings in your paper in the chart below or one that you created explain what each calculation means in terms of the data presented drg summary data for medicare inpatient prospective payment hospitals 2015 explicitly explain the calculation findings based on the dependent variables heart transplants and/or implant of heart assistant system must include cover letter apa writing style 1 inch margin double spaced 12 point times new roman font in-text citations and a reference list