Review the assignment information in the course syllabus
Return to the Nurse of the Future Core Competencies
The Nurse of the Future Core Competencies include the following competencies:
Patient-Centered Care
Systems-Based Practice
Informatics and Technology
Teamwork and Collaboration
Quality Improvement
Evidence-Based Practice
Choose 2 of The Nurse of the Future Core Competencies from the list above to address in your paper
For each competency, you will need to discuss the following items in a paper no longer than 6 pages (not including the title page or reference page)

Define and summarize the core competency (include a citation)

Describe a patient scenario that you have experienced where this core competency was or was not met.

Present evidence based practice information in the form of a journal article that

supports how either patient safety, quality of care or satisfaction is improved in this competency as you function in the role of the BSN (remember to cite your sources).
Reflect on your current practice.

How well do you think you currently meet the core competencies?

What lifelong learning steps will you take to improve your professional practice in this competency beyond your current program?