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Define ech title, legal/law enforcement terms etc.

10 pages of original work (not counting coverpage/reference page) Please create a coverpage with Name, Class and Title of Journal; create a reference page and add page numbers and follow APA format (find guide in the journal folder): 12pt font, Times New Roman, double spaced, citations in parenthesis. Your paper should include the following 1-Define your topic and thesis: Police officersare important to our urban communities because…; civilians as violence interrupters are as important as police because…; etc.

Define ech title, legal/law enforcement terms etc. 2-Please write in a few paragraphs who you researched: Identify the person- Title/rank, agency, years in agency, specific unit etc. What did they need to do to apply and get accepted? 3-Identify the interviewee’s connection to our class topics: gang unit detective, police volunteer, prison guard, community volunteer, survivor of human trafficking etc. 4-Find FIVE research articles that discuss the type of work/agency/rank you will study: policing in urban communities, local vs. federal law enforcement, becoming a boss in law enforcement, violence/gang prevention by civilians or police, drug prosecutions/drug rehabilitation programs etc.

Please read carefully- do not search for a research article about the person you are studying, research the title, agency, topic, thesis etc. Again if you are doing a journal about Police Commissioner Kelly do not search for a RESEARCH article ABOUT Commissioner Kelly; find an article about the pressure of being a police commissioner, the lack of female commissioners, an FBI report about gang violence etc. You can use as additional non-academic sources newspaper artciles, videos etc. Provide a short analysis of each article and their relevance to your topic/thesis. include ALL your sources in the reference page APA format- book, magazine, official law enforcement website, etc.