Introduce the social justice topic that you selected. (2 page) (50 points)

Discussion of two main concepts from the reading selected from the beginning of course that sheds light on the social justice issue. (2 pages) (50 points)

Define one qualitative research method you have selected. Include advantages and disadvantages.2022 latest answers (2 pages) (100 points)

Explain why this method is relevant for the study of the social justice issue you selected. Describe how this method could be used to study the social justice issue. Include specific description of participants (age, gender, ethnicity and other relevant indicators), themes and/or questions to be asked, and materials to be used if archival or unobtrusive research is selected (offer names of materials and date(s) ( ie. newspaper title). (3 pages) (100 points)

References (1 page) (25 points)