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For your final written assignment, please select a career area within the museum profession to

be the focus of your analysis. This career area should be one that interests you as a potential

for future employment. In a written essay, please address, expand upon, and integrate the

following topics into a cohesive composition:  

• Define the career area under review, its rationale, some basic functions and if

applicable, some sub groups within it. For example, museum director, museum curator,

museum education coordinator, museum exhibition coordinator.  

• Research and find a minimum of 5 articles which discuss the career area and develop an

essay which summarizes/explores the career. Your article citations should follow this

discussion as a bibliography. Your essay must be in your own words. Should you feel the

need to attribute a piece of this essay more specifically to one source, use a

construction such as “According to Alexander…” and provide endnote citation.  

• Additionally, discuss the qualifications necessary for the career. For example, what

degrees and/or majors are required; what skills are needed; what type of experience is


• As part of this essay, please provide a market analysis. Such an analysis typically includes

a consideration of prevailing salaries, hot locations, types of settings, and forecasts for

the future. Also, analyze the employment opportunities in the area for a three-year

period and show this in graphic form.