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Writing Workshop Part 2: As a helpful classmate, please do the following:
Using the Google Docs comments function, write 3 comments in the body of least two peers drafts. (This is a total of six comments between the two papers).
Highlight the section to which they are referring.
Each comment should be at least 3-4 sentences and offer insightful points. Definitely consider referring to specific components of the paper (phrases or ideas) in order to make your ideas clear.
Consider posting these comments in the form of a question. This will put less pressure on you to know better or more than the author. Its a delicate process to comment on someones paper.
Struggling to figure out how to comment? Try reading this article:
Ditch The Praise Sandwich, Make Feedback WrapsLinks to an external site.
Copy all six comments from the Google Doc and submit them in the text box of the Week 3 Assignment.
Due Date: This needs to happen by Nov. 5th at 11:59 pm

Possible Questions to Address in Peer Comments
After youve addressed the authors concerns, consider the following:
What is the authors thesis? Is it effective?
How well does the paper develop?
Does the author address the paper prompt?
Does the thesis statement have a clear topic/subject and comment/argument?
Does it make note of issues and justify how they develop the essay? Does it reinforce the thesis?
Does the author truly analyze the essay or is she simply summarizing? What suggestions would you make?
Is there a discussion of sub-issues and does it take on the essays main argument? Is it effective?
Are there quotes and do they seem effective?
How does the paper conclude without simply restating the opening?