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Evaluate the importance of innovation and change for an organization.
Assess various facets of change management.
Determine the technology and tools used in the innovation process.
Compare global and domestic innovation.
Interpret how research and development affect innovations.
Critique ethical issues that impact innovation.

Student Success Criteria
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You work for a consulting company in the medical industry as the new Vice President of Innovation and Growth. In your new role, your purpose is the following:

Lead and test, through trials and refinement, new business partnerships to drive corporate and customer value towards revenue generating solutions.
Initiate, develop, and mature strategic partnerships across business models and in the global economy.
Develop and pioneer new digital capabilities that enhance the user experience to drive better outcomes and cost savings.
Facilitate corporate-wide collaboration, experimentation, and investment in innovative new ideas.
Focus on the transformational shifts in the existing business model, current processes, and capabilities to drive operational efficiency and market differentiation.
Lead growth and innovation initiatives aimed at disrupting and transforming the business using data analytics and new technologies to transform the current business model.

In reviewing your current purpose as VP of Innovation and Growth, you noticed the first thing missing is an innovation planning toolkit to help with the innovation process.

In a Microsoft Word document, create an innovation planning toolkit that includes the following:

Introduce the purpose of the innovation planning toolkit
Discuss the reasons for change and innovation in organizations
Determine what planning needs to take place in order to facilitate the change for the organization
Discuss various technologies and tools that could be used to enhance the innovation process
Differentiate how global and domestic innovations impact the organization
Address how R&D can be used to foster innovation
Discuss ethical issues of innovation
Credible resources used for the toolkit