CD 7 Math Lesson Plan Demonstration Guidelines and Rubric

Lesson Plan demonstration is an excellent opportunity to improve your teaching practices. Writing an age appropriate lesson based on childrens interest and ability, is the first step to become an intentional teacher and prepare yourself to provide a meaningful learning experience for young children. On the other hand, implementing a lesson successfully with children will give you competence as a teacher and help you to improve many other teaching skills.

This Assignment is directly connected with our Course Learning Objectives and specific course objectives.

Course Learning Objective (CLO):

Students will design a developmentally appropriate and integrated curriculum that facilitates a sense of cognitive curiosity.

Objectives: After completing this assignment, you will be able to-

Identify the key role of the teacher in the cycle of observation, assessment, planning, set-up, instruction, and elaboration of curriculum; and understanding of power issues related to language.
Demonstrate ability to select age-appropriate activities, materials, and equipment.
Evaluate practice through reflection and self-evaluation as essential to curriculum development.
Recognize emergent literacy through five interrelated language arts: Listening, Speaking, learning the code, reading, and writing.
Design, demonstrate, and evaluate age appropriate activities in the area of science.

You are responsible to complete a lesson plan on Math.
Each lesson plan is worth 50 points.
Please use the template provided CD 7 Lesson Plan Revised Template (1)-2.docx Download CD 7 Lesson Plan Revised Template (1)-2.docx
When completing the standard section on the math template. Please use Preschool Foundations (1).docx Download Preschool Foundations (1).docx
Preschool Foundations Volume 1 – to an external site.
Use Self-Assessment Checklist and Rubric to complete your lesson plan. (Lesson Plan Assessment Form-1.docx Download Lesson Plan Assessment Form-1.docx. Below you will find the rubric).
The original completed lesson plan must be turned in to me by the due date through assignment link.
Lesson plan must be typed and be used the proper template.
Make sure you save a copy for your future reference.
Lesson Plan Rubric (50 points)