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n order to demonstrate your ability to research and your growing understanding of art and design concepts you will be asked to complete 6 journal entries including visual imagery to support on a range of given topics (Approx. 1500 words). You should consider design and visual impact and you must employ proper academic conventions including full referencing. (A2, B10)
A2: Employ knowledge and understanding of a spread of contexts, frameworks and environments which Art & Design operates, including theoretical, historical, social, cultural, ethical and environmental perspectives.
B10: Demonstrate an awareness of ethical values, openness and sensitivity to diversity in terms of people, culture, business and environmental issues.
Research Journal notes

A reminder that your research journal must contain a minimum of six examples of researched topics. These need to show evidence of your own independent research, information gathering and opinion forming.it is not acceptable to submit a list of facts that were discussed in class.

Below are the themes that are being covered in this module. As each one is delivered you will have access to supporting notes that give you key names covered in that session. Any one of these could be expanded into one of your required research subjects.