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Demonstrate comprehension of the story in its entirety?

Perform a close analysis of a short passage of the chosen reading.  Pay attention to its form and content (what is said and how it is said, i.e. use of linguistic techniques, metaphors, symbols, intertextual referencing, etc.), analyze their meanings in depth and discuss it in relation to broader issues/topics explored in the reading as a whole. In a nutshell, a close reading involves focusing on a micro textual unit and linking it to a larger theme of the whole text.  Will be evaluated based on the following four criteria: Comprehension: Do you understand and follow instructions/assignment objectives?  Analysis: Do you engage the text in depth? Is your analysis text-oriented? Demonstrate comprehension of the story in its entirety? Offer critical and unique/creative insight? Independent thought? Argument: Is your argument written systematically? Substantiated/convincing? Well organized? Language: Have you done proofreading? Is your writing grammatically sound?