The population of the United States is becoming Increasingly diverse. Sensitivity, compassion, understanding, and acceptance of patients with different values, beliefs, and behaviors are essential qualities for those who work in the medical arena.

In this 8-10 page paper, students will analyze how culture, communication, and diversity impact health care, and the role and responsibility of the health care provider. Students will include recommendations of actions and or processes that healthcare providers can apply in order to improve understanding of diversity in their workforce and increase the cultural competence of all members of the health care team. Students will focus on how improvement of cultural competence of Health Care Providers will benefit patients in health care settings. Students will outline how a Health Care Provider’s greater understanding of culture and diversity may impact a patient’s overall health care outcome.

Recommendations must be backed up with research. APA formatting and a minimum number of 5 professional references are required. References should be less than five years old in order to reflect current information.
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