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 Hello, This letter for back to my dental hygiene school. Check punctuation. Some sentences are long and need a period. Check spelling (counseling). And Capitalize the “S” in School. Dear Professor Garcia, My name is Saeed Alshahrani. I am a second year student at Fones School. In November 2021 I withdrew and returned to Saudi Arabia as I was contending with some family-related issues. In 2022 I then resubmitted my application for the Fall of 2022 to complete my Bachelor Degree but unfortunately this endeavour was unsuccessful. This has been frustrating – I consider Fones School to be the ‘mother’ of Dental Hygiene and I would consider it a huge achievement if I were able to attend and graduate from Fones. I have worked hard and I am well regarded amongst students in the Clinical Department where I spent many hours of enjoyment working with highly professional dental hygienists.

You have taught me two classes Professor Garcia, and I consider myself someone who belongs to Fones school and can serve as an ambassador for the School in Saudi Arabia. As such I am writing to you in order to reconsider my application for Fall of 2023 and complete my Bachelor Degree in Dental Hygiene. I have learned from my previous experience to separate between my life issues and my study and I will request Counselling Services if I face any issue instead of trying to solve it by myself , from last year I am working on clearing my head from every things and focus on my study to complete my bachelor as I found out recently that I can not stand in same place and blame life every one has some issues in their life I will put every things aside and work on my bachelor degree completion I will use the tutoring workshop and study groups to improve my grade , I won’t hesitate to visit staffs professors office if I felt slightly that I did not understand or miss any information for the seek of my children future dream and ambition . I look forward to hearing from you soon,