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n this assignment, you will demonstrate your ability to write with proper grammar and mechanics, by responding to a workplace scenario in writing. While your grade on this assignment is most heavily weighted on grammar and mechanics, your ability to organize your thoughts and include detailed, relevant examples, descriptions, and explanations will also be a factor when determining your overall grade on this writing assignment.
1. The prompts question: Describe a time when your responsibilities became overwhelming. Explain what you did to get back on track. How will you prevent getting overloaded in the future? Show how this situation helped you grow as a person.
2. Address the prompts question in a well-organized, multi-paragraph format.
3. Include detailed explanations to support your answer.
4. Review your response for professional language and tone.
5. Organize your response into 2-3 paragraphs.
6. Ensure your response is approximately 550 words in length.
7. Submit your scenario response as a Word Document.