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Describe a time you observed someone performing an action in a healthcare setting you felt was unethical.

disscusion 5 Assignment Details Ethics is an important part of research. It is vital to understand how ethical considerations may change for clinical research. Some ethical considerations for research are as follows: Do not cause harm. Maintain confidentiality. Obtain informed consent and necessary approvals. Report findings accurately. Describe a time you observed someone performing an action in a healthcare setting you felt was unethical. What actions did you take as a result and why? What kinds of similar situations have you faced? What other considerations should your peers have given in making the decision they made? .. write 250 word or more if you please . reference discussion 4 Assignment Details Data are collected and presented on a continual basis. It is important to be able to communicate the data to your audience effectively. Appropriate data communication techniques help students present research findings in clear and understandable ways. Think of a time someone presented data to you.

Discuss the communication techniques that they used to present their findings. What suggestions would you give them to make their presentation more effective? Discuss the ways you feel the communication method was effective. Why would it be important for the speaker to present data effectively? When presenting their findings to an audience, most researchers use the dialogue and participation model to communicate their findings to the target audience. However, with the speaker’s narration only, most target audiences fail to understand the research findings. For researchers to effectively communicate their findings, they need to include data visualization in their presentations (Trilles et al., 2020, p7). Visualization tools involve maps and graphs. When combined with the speaker’s narration, the research findings are effectively communicated to the target audience, and this helps the audience in making informed decisions. A survey as a method of data collection is a simple way of collecting data for specific research. Researchers should adopt questionnaires in their survey since they are easy to construct and provide reliable information from the respondent. Surveys collect a wide range of data, from quantitative to emotional. Add 50 words to this assignment (discussion was incomplete.