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Write on 2 of the following movies: Griffiths Broken Blossoms, Welless Citizen Kane, Hitchcocks Vertigo.
Avoid the pitfall of denigrating an older film in comparison to a more recent one, but do take into account changes in style and technology in the medium over the relevant period of time.
Analyze 1 film elementchoose from lighting (this includes color), camera (placement, angle), mise en scne (arrangement of what is seen in the frame), sound (music, sound effects, dialogue), and editingAND
Analyze 2 narrative elementschoose from character, theme, setting, point of view, and style or tone.
Set up a clear compare-and-contrast structure in which you describe and explain similarities and differences between the two chosen films in terms of your selected film and narrative elements. The similarities and differences need to go beyond the most obvious. Poor example: In Citizen Kane sound enhances characterization better than in Broken Blossoms because Broken Blossoms is a silent filmavoid such a waste of time and energy! A far better option would be to compare and contrast camera positioning in both films and the ways that such shots contribute to character and theme.
Other Specifications
Structure your task as a short essay with an introduction that includes a thesis, multiple paragraphs in the middle, and a conclusion