1. Describe China’s Third Commercial Revolution during the Ming dynasty, making sure to account for demographic (population) changes and the Single Whip Reform.


  1. Describe how government was structured during the Ming dynasty. Make sure to account for Confucianism, the exam system and the gentry!



  1. Describe how government and the military were organized under the Qing dynasty. In particular, explain how they maintained ethnic distinctions with respect to the Manchu.


  1. Briefly summarize the rules of Kangxi and Qianlong.



  1. Provide an overview of China’s territorial expansion under the Qing dynasty. Make sure to say a word or two about the tribute system!



  1. Who was the “true unifier” of Japan? What changes did he implement socially, politically and militarily to ensure that his house stayed in power?



  1. Describe the manner of both China and Japan’s interaction with the European powers as discussed in the lecture.