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In this unit, you were introduced to people who had to flee their home countries due to war or for economic reasons. For this discussion, you are asked to imagine the United States engaged in a second civil war. Due to this all-encompassing war, there is no place in this country where you believe your family to be safe. You decide to pack up your household and emigrate to another country. Your responses to the following should be in narrative form, including 2 or 3 paragraphs.
Where would you go?
Name the country you would emigrate to
Describe in detail how and why you decided that would be the best place for your family
How would you get there?
Describe the trip you would take, whether by car, airplane, or boat. If not by the family car, who would meet you when you arrive?
Depending on the form of transportation, what would you take with you? Why?
What would you have to do to assimilate to your new situation?
What language would you have to learn?
How might the new location affect the foods you eat?
Would you have to dress any differently because of the weather or the culture?
What cultural components would you miss most?
What would be the hardest part of your emigration? Choose one of the following and describe your feelings about it.
Leaving extended family and friends behind
Leaving your home and your possessions