1) Describe Platos and Aristotles metaphysics then compare and contrast them. Be sure to explain Platos
allegory of the cave and go on to describe how he uses it to explain his metaphysics. Be sure to also explain the
divided linethe chart provided on p. 72 and its connection to the allegory of the cave and Platos
metaphysical system. Why is it that Platos metaphysics can be said to be top down while Aristotles can be
said be bottom up? For Aristotle, be sure to include notions such as substance and essential and accidental
properties in your descriiption. It may be beneficial, though not required, to make reference to and explain what
Aristotle is doing with the subject/predicate stuff and how that helps to explain his metaphysics. For Plato and
Aristotle explain the connection between particulars and universals. For both thinkers, what is the role of critical
thinking? Discuss the nature of truth and knowledge for each theory. What would these theories have to say
about post-truth? What are some strengths and weaknesses of Plato and Aristotles metaphysical positions?
Which position seems stronger or more in line with your own view and why?