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B. Write a summary/description of the living conditions or options for the elderly in 1) Assisted
Living facilities and 2) Senior Housing facilities.
For each option:
a. Provide a description of the entity
b. What is its philosophy of care?
c. Ownership of facility
d. Identify who provides the services
e. Type of services included in the facility/facilities
f. How the facility is financed?
g. Management and management qualifications
h. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of each facility
i. Offer some advice about the characteristics of the aging person that would make each
facility more suitable or unsuitable.
j. CONCLUSION: Why is this exercise necessary to undertake before recommending
or placing an elderly relative or friend in such a facility?
Specific instructions about paper style
Write a paper with the title as stated above. Your paper should:
1) Be no less than five, but not more than 7 pages.
2) Have at least five (5) citations using APA style. All five reference should be from a refereed
journal. You are free to use additional references to support your paper, such as references
from websites and textbooks. Remember to include your citations in your reference section.
3) Cover the concepts stated in the outline given above.
4) It is recommended to finalize the analysis of the first facility before moving on to the second