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Quantitative Methods / STATA programm / My country is MEXICO
Paper details:
In this task, you are asked to describe the data, test hypotheses, and write a report. Read the questions carefully (including the project guidelines), full marks can be achieved only if you answer the questions fully.
1. All work has to be done in the STATA program + Docs file.
2. I will need to submit ONE PDF file summarizing your work (including the STATA do-file).
3. Read carefully Docx documents, there you could find all information about the format and details of the assignment.
4. You are given two datasets collected as a part of the Global Preference Survey. The first dataset (GPS_country.dta) is collected at the country level. The second dataset (GPS_indiv.dta) is collected at the individual level and it contains many observations about individuals from different countries. Each group will be assigned one country to analyse. In other words, for your analysis of the GPS_country.dta dataset you are expected to use all records in the dataset. However, your analysis of the GPS_indiv.dta dataset will focus just on the records of a particular country that will be allocated to your group.
5. My country is Mexico!!!!
6. Project guideline:
The aim of this project is to test your understanding of and ability to apply the statistical concepts and methodologies discussed throughout the module as well as your ability to analyse and evaluate the outcome of your analysis. The project is deliberately open ended or, in other words, not very prescriiptive in what and how you should conduct your analysis. There is no correct answer when it comes to the regression model, what plays a role is your justification and correct usage of available techniques to investigate the issue. You should refer to the material covered in the module and the activities carried out during the term to decide how to answer the questions and shape your investigation.