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Describe the norms and values Describe the language or slang,

Your task in this sociological activity is to conduct interviews (at least two) with individuals from a subculture. A subculture is a smaller part of the larger culture and can include, but is not limited to skateboarders, surfers, punk rock, gamers, ethnic heritage, linguistic heritage, or a music

genre. Your paper will describe the subculture and place it within the context of the larger culture of the United States. Introduction  Begin your paper with an introduction.

The introduction should both interest the reader as well as provide an outline of what the paper will discuss. Interesting quotations from the people you study are appealing. After the introduction you will need to define your key terms, including culture, subculture,  Description  The paper will then describe the sub-culture in detail. 

Describe the norms and values Describe the language or slang,

Describe symbols Describe material culture (clothing, food) Also, in this section list some of the questions and answers you received.

Discussion and Conclusion After describing the subculture researched, discuss what have learned about this specific sub-culture, what you have learned about sub-cultures, and what you have learned about culture in general.

Are there cultural universals?

How does the discussion of cultural relativism impact your research?

In these paragraphs you can describe your feelings prior to your research, as well as your feelings after conducting the research.

The conclusion of your paper should summarize the subculture in one to two statements and include your general feelings about your research.