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Describe the purpose and hypothesis of the experiment

I HAVE A SCIENCE PROJECT AND DECIDED TO DO  THE PROJECT ON  ” HOW CLOUDS MAKE RAIN.  I HAVE PROVIDED A WEBSITE TO REVIEW AND ALSO THE LAB WORKSHEET TO ANSWER. THERE MIGHT BE OTHER WEBSITES THAT COULD BE HELPFUL AS WELL .  https://www.news4jax.com/weather/2020/03/17/science-experiments-for-kids-how-clouds-make-rain/ Instructions The lab report may be submitted in any format: Video, PowerPoint (with notes pages as needed or screen capture as wanted), Word Document, et cetera, or any combination that would allow you to show not only the details of the experiment and data but what you have learned from doing it. Use your own words throughout.

For each lab report you must: Describe the purpose and hypothesis of the experiment. (What are you trying to prove or see?) List or show the materials used. Remember to use proper safety equipment! Describe the procedure. (Describe the steps of the experiment and what you did so that a classmate could replicate if they wanted.) Describe and display the results. (What happened? Hint: Some of the data may be easier to show in charts or with graphics.) Answer the following explanatory and interpretative questions: Why do you think you achieved the results that you did? Did anything unexpected happen?

Do the data or results support the hypothesis? Why? (Show using specific references to the data.) All assignments, regardless of format, must give citations, references, and credit and use the Strayer Library to find at least two academic resources. For example, if it is not an original experiment and you were inspired by someone else’s video or copied it exactly, let us know which one, et cetera. The important thing is that your sources should be documented clearly in a way that your sources can be checked by the reader (and verified by the instructor).