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The purpose of assignment is to create a draft of the introductory paragraph of your literature review paper. In this introduction, the topic is identified and described.

This assignment is intended to allow you to show evidence of achievement of:

CLO 1: Describe the relationships among theory, practice, and research.

Requirements: Create a document in APA format with cover page, first page, and reference page. Write a paragraph of at least 150 words (not counting cover and reference pages) about the condition/situation and the intervention. Use citations and references. This assignment must be submitted to the appropriate dropbox by the due date.

To be successfully with this assignment, complete these steps:
Create a cover page in APA 7th edition format
Write a paragraph of at least 150 words (excluding cover page and references) about the topic for the final paper. This paragraph should includedefinitions related to the condition/situation and the intervention with citation. For the condition, briefly describe what it means in terms of physiology, psychology, or pathophysiology. For the intervention, define what is being studied.
Use at least one reference for definition of condition/situation and one reference for definition of intervention, which may be research articles or reputable websites (such as *.gov, *.edu, and some large healthcare organizations such as Mayo Clinic).
Cite reference material in text citation and on a reference page (APA format)