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For each episode of Amend (there are 3 episodes that are roughly an hour each. I will compensate for that time as well), briefly answer the following questions: Identify the people, places, events, or aspects of people, society or nature that are the focus of this episode. Describe the significance of each. List six facts described in the episode. What are your initial reactions after watching this episode? What was the most surprising thing you learned?Describe any aspect of the episode that showed you something you hadnt seen before, caused you to think in a new way, or helped you understand something more thoroughly than before. Was there anything that you saw or heard in the film that was unconvincing or which seemed out of place? One page per episode would be ideal. Links to each Amend episode is included below: https://youtu.be/-E4TUQ4THIE https://youtu.be/pi8ep8ZyGIE https://youtu.be/k-ejS8K6Ex4