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Describe how factorial design can be run as a CRD.

Describe the statistical model for the factorial design

Be able to check model adequacy for the factorial design.

. Provide ANOVA Table for the factorial design

. When no interaction is present, multiple comparison can be done (i.e., Tukey)

. When there is an interaction, simple main effect needs to be investigated. Multiple

comparison should be done on the treatment means level (using lsmeans).

. Be able to formulate the hypothesis testing

. Explain the problem with an unreplicated factorial design.

. Describe the statistical model for three factor factorial design.

What is a 2k Factorial design usually used for?

Be able to construct plus and minus signs table for a 2k Factorial design

. Be able to estimate factor effects

For 2k Factorial design, describe how many main effects, two factor interaction effect,

three factor interaction effect, k factor interaction effect there are and in total how

many effects there are.
53. Be able to formulate models for 2k Factorial design

a. Replicated design, use full model

b. Unreplicated design, use normal probability plot.

. Be able to conduct hypothesis testing for 2k Factorial design

. Describe the relationship between effect and contrast in 2k Factorial design