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Describe what specific logistics and Supply Chain Management

Learning Goal: I’m working on a supply chain case study and need guidance to help me learn.Learning Outcome: 1. Demonstrate a deep understanding of the logistic function concepts and theories as well as supply chain management strategies. 2. Demonstrate the ability to

understand complex issues pertaining to supply chain integration and strategic supply chain partnership.Critical WritingThe purpose of this

assignment is to identify and apply Logistics and Supply Chain Management concepts/tools to suggest logistics performance priorities. To this purpose, you should search and review about these companies through secondary available information. Think about how you can apply the

concepts/tools that you learned in this course.Write about logistics performance priorities for “Any Saudi” fast food restaurant chain in Covid 19 restrictions; explain why you have come to your conclusions:The Answer must follow the outline points below:1. Executive summary (word count rage 400-500)- Summarize what is logistics performance priorities, what Logistics and Supply Chain Management concepts/tools applied to

achieve the company’s objective.2. Background information (word count rage 400-500)- Briefly introduce the company background (e.g., name, products, business size, location, internal/external interesting facts, etc).3. Problem Description (word count rage 400-500)- Describe the

objectives clearly and specifically.- The objective may involve either logistics decision-making or process improvement.4. Application of logistics and SCM concepts/tools that applied ( word count rage 400-500)- Describe what specific logistics and Supply Chain Management

concepts/tools be applied to achieve the objective. This section should make it clear that you understand the concepts/tools you are about to use.5- Conclusion and results, word count range 200-250 Words- Analyze the expected results / the proposed solution. 6. References at least 7 to 10. Note: Use APA style of referencing Requirements: 3 hours   |   .doc file