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Describe what you already know about it.

Topic and Thesis must be approved by instructor. Short Write: Topic Proposal Paper Directions: Topic proposals help writers organize and develop their thoughts for longer papers. Select one of the prompts for the major paper in Canvas that you are interested in for your literary analysis research paper. After you have selected your topic, write a proposal that responds to the following four items and organize each one into four paragraphs: • PAR. ONE: Introduce the topic and then present the thesis. In the last sentence of this paragraph, write your thesis and underline it. A THESIS IS A STATEMENT NOT A QUESTION. IT SHOULD BE OPINIATED AND SPECIFIC IN NATURE. • PAR. TWO: Explain why it is compelling to you. If it is compelling to you, it will be more so to your reader. Thus, the goal is to make it relevant; make it matter. • PAR THREE: Describe what you already know about it. • PAR. FOUR: Explain what more you need to learn. Requirements: ⬧ Your proposal should be 1 page long, no longer than 2 pages. ⬧ Your proposal paper must be headed. Follow MLA formatting for the paper. ⬧ Organize proposal into paragraphs. Each question above (#1-4) should be a paragraph of its own. Thus, there are 4 paragraphs which respond to each Guidelines: ⬧ For this paper students will need to choose a subject that makes a literary claim and needs research, which will work to prove and develop your thesis. (publishs and thesis will be discussed with the instructor.) This proposal will be a starting point for your upcoming major paper. This is as an opportunity to get started on the right track.