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. Describe your community and focus on the target population

1.  COMMUNITY  ORGANIZING  EFFORT PART  ONE  ( 1 ) :   A.   UNDERSTANDING  YOUR  COMMUNITY To begin your understanding of the community, gather statistics and data to describe the community. Be sure to identify ( name and location ) of your community in this section.  For example, what is the population size? 

What is the cultural /  social make up ?  What are the income levels, age groups , ethnicity, education levels, etc

?  Utilize census data where available. Please draw from internet, websites, readings, and census data tracks (  local ,  state , federal ) PART  ONE ( 1 ) ( B )  Of THE PAPER SHOULD  FOLLOW THIS  OUTLINE : ( B ) UNDERSTANDING YOUR  COMMUNITY

A. Describe your community and focus on the target population

. ( the group of individuals that make up the community ) B. Describe the community and its characteristics. ( brief history of the community, cultural values, how it is governed, resources, vulnerabilities ). C. Describe community differences. ( cultural, social, economic, educational )

. D. Identify community structure ( composition, population size, compared to other nearby communities, amenities). E. Assess target population needs. F. Describe the type and prevalence of problem(s). PART  TWO ( 2 ) ;   COMMUNITY  ASSESSMENT  AND  INTERVENTION PART 2 :   SHOULD FOLLOW THIS OUTLINE A. Describe  the problem you have identified in the community and discuss the probable etiology. ( cause/ causes ). B. Discuss the elements and characteristics in the community that make it vulnerable to the problem

. Discuss the strengths of the community that give the community resilience and potential for overcoming the problem.

C. Describe who is not affected by this problem and provide demographics in terms of age, race, gender, etc.

D. Based on your information, discuss two possible plans that may provide a basis for future outcomes relative to your community.