Topic 2:

Describe your findings and discuss the strengths or benefits of this source. Would you modify something about it, mainly the information concerning your selected health problem?

Upon searching keywords such as teen suicide, the site generated 128 results indicating the status of the search results. It also displayed the type, year, topic name, age group, and category of significant risk factors for teen suicide-related issues. The benefit o this source is that it generates evidence bases results about teen suicides. Secondly, the site helps the researcher identify the most current data source with reference to the selected topic. It automatically organizes evidence-based articles according to the year of publication. This makes it easy for researchers to set only moots recent articles for review on the significant issues regarding adolescent suicides. Secondly, the site is more reliable and effective when researching various topics of great concern as far as the healthcare sector is concerned.

It is worth mentioning that the source also provides adequate and reliable data organized with respect to the researched topic. For example, when I searched bout teen suicide, the site not only generated unmoor results that were topic-specific but also provided results under various subheadings such as depression and suicide risk factors among teens. This helped me identify depression as one of the risk factors for adolescent depression. Also, the site generates more insights into the causes of teen suicide, citing various predisposing factors such as mental and cognitive challenges as well as substance abuse. This made it easy for me to gather enough content on the causes of adolescent suicide. In my view, I would not modify anything since the site is exemplarily made with ease of use and generation of results within a few seconds after a single click.