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Write a 600-word outline that details your plan to support your student and academic success as you begin your program.
Complete the following in the plan:
Explain your purpose for coming to school, such as:
The reason you selected your program (Choose any program)
Your career goals and/or motivating factors
Describe your present circumstances, such as:
Home and family life
Work schedule, if applicable
Describe your strategy for going to school, including:
When and where you will do schoolwork
How you will prioritize tasks
Explain 23 important strategies for conducting effective University Library and Internet research.
Include the following University of Phoenix-specific information:
Tech Support phone number
Links to important writing resources
Link to College of Education Central
Link to University Library
Link to Center for Collaboration
Link to the citation generator
Space for instructor contact information (you will change this per course)
Format your paper to APA guidelines