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In general, a good practice journal:

1- Each Mini-log is substantive, but brief. A fewmeaningful, genuinesentences for each workout of Pilates practice is enough. You do not need to give me a play-by-play, but rather a snapshot of your experience.

2- Describes your personal, subjective experience and may describe physical, energetic, mental, emotional, or relational aspects of the experience.

You may also indicate your response to the exercise before, during and after practice.

3 –Is specific to the activity assigned. I.e. Find some way to indicate that you’ve engaged in the assigned practice(s). Comment on thespecificactivity, movement or workout not merely Pilates in general.

4- Is reflective. When relevant, demonstrate curiosity, or a sense of inquiry or analysis as you document your practice sessions. Could other factors contribute to your experience? (Lack of sleep or a large cup of coffee)? What do you make of your experience? What would you do differently next time?

4.5 How did this module influence your overall goal for the term?