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Discussion 1

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Directions: Please review the issues below and respond accordingly on the discussion board. You are required to post your original response to the posted activity/questions and AT LEAST THREE (3) supplemental responses based on another student’s post. This assignment must be completed in the time allotted. The best way to improve your discussion-post scores is to reply to my comments and questions. Students are expected to post high-quality messages (e.g., well-written, addressing multiple perspectives, citing sources, etc.) related to the discussion topic. Your grade for discussion boards will be based on both the quantity and quality of your contributions. In other words, I will keep track of how often you post meaningful, substantive contributions to class discussions. I will also pay attention to whether your contributions demonstrate responsiveness to the reading assignments, my posts, and your classmates’ posts. Everyone is expected to participate in all discussion boards. The participation grade will be given based on the discussion rubric.



Please review the statements below and select your level of agreement. Although you may have limited knowledge about justice systems in other countries, please offer a reason for your choice.


Despite its occasional problems, the American justice system is still the best in the world. (Agree, Unsure, Disagree)

I can think of no better way than the American jury system to determine whether a defendant actually committed the crime of which s/he is accused. (Agree, Unsure, Disagree)

Visit Interpol at https://www.interpol.int/ and click on the various crime areas that Interpol tracks. Then, choose one of the crimes (not discussed in the chapter) and give an overview of what you learned.