Case study: Determine how the seventy scheduled hours are used each week
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Please answer the questions below using the details of the case study provided in the attachments below.

Assignment Questions for Chapter 11:

1. Monita wants your work sampling to provide estimates within 5% of the true value with 95% confidence. Determine how many observations are needed to complete the work sampling.

2. Develop a plan for collecting the additional data required.

3. The results of all your work sampling observations are shown at Housekeeping Work Sampling Data. Using the observations, prepare a memo for Monita explaining your results.

4. According to Monita, the cabin stewards should spend approximately 48 hours per week either cleaning the stateroom or doing the evening turndown service. Does your work sampling support her assumption?

5. Given Monita’s expectations with regards to how long it should take to clean the stateroom and do the turndown service, what negative consequences would you expect to occur?