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The Globalization of Walmart
Walmart has been able to grow and expand at a very quick pace since its establishment. Thanks to the organizations well-rounded levels of service, inventory management, and purchasing economy, Walmart had gained a critical competitive advantage. The company had become a key retailer within the United States by 1990s.

With its success, Walmart had eventually realized the potential of the domestic market. With their launch in other nations, Walmart is as successful as it is today.
To enable the company to achieve success in Canada and Latin America, Walmart decided to collaborate with other major retailors among those nations. They had ensured that their businesses relationships were beneficial mutually.

However, in Europe, Walmart failed to acknowledge the environmental forces. Europes political, economic, sociological, technological, legal and environmental factors are not the same as the United States, and without proper research, launching businesses within European countries could be a major risk. For Walmart, this was a downfall, and thus they had failed to achieve similar success in Europe as in Canada and Latin America.
India and China are rather similar in terms of their economy. They both could be a business attraction for Walmart (Loeb, 2019). However, there are governmental forces which can prevent successful operation of Walmart in these two nations. Past those forces, what Walmart may wish to potentially consider are the habits and behaviors of people within those countries; what they tend to consume.

By focusing on the people, the company may be able to achieve success. For instance, individuals within India tend to have outdated computer and mobile devices with slow Internet speeds (Khatri, 2019); for their ease, Walmart may wish to develop a website which is better compatible with older technology and slower Internet connections.