Your company have developed a water based skin gel and want to add an encapsulated active for visual effect. They have attempted this in the past but the encapsulated active floats to the top of the skincare gel. The formulation is shown below.

Due to the increased use of skincare gels on the market, the gel must remain clear to show the encapsulated active to its best effect.

Identify the functions of all the ingredients in the formulation and investigate ways that this formulation could be changed to allow the active to reman dispersed throughout the formulation and deliver a stable formulation. (30 marks)

Look at commercially available products that can be described as anti-ageing and/or moisturising and identify what claims are being made and which ingredients are likely included in the formulation to justify this claim. (10 marks)

What sort of packaging would be suitable for this type of formulation and how would you ensure that the final product was stable and suitable to be transported globally? (10 marks)

The final formulation is ready for scale-up to production and you are carrying out larger scale laboratory trials when you find that the product is becoming coloured (brown). How would you investigate the source of the discolouration and how could it be resolved ? (20 marks)