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Developing rules and consequences to ensure proper behaviour and safety

Suppose you have previously been the manager of a kindergarten. Please provide detailed example of how you: 1. facilitate compliance with relevant government requirements and standards 2. recruit staff and coordinate professional development 3. work in partnership with parents and families to provide appropriate education and care for children. 4. developed/implemented programs to enhance the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of young children 5. directly supervised educators providing care and supervision for young children 6. established/maintained a safe and healthy service environment for children, staff and visitors 7. maintain service records, operational budgets and accounts. Please give two or three detailed examples for each number, but six examples for number 7. Specify which number each example belongs to. Please write sentences in “ing format”. Like the sentence below: Example: Developing rules and consequences to ensure proper behaviour and safety, also assessing potential risks that may threaten children during an excursion; for example, reviewing risk assessment factors, such as children not having access to chemicals, power outlets, sharp tools, and breakable containers.