Students will observe people with developmental disabilities in the community through video or field observation and write at least a 5-page paper (typed and double-spaced).Describe where the observation took place.

 Describe the setting and location of the experience: What neighborhood or community is this?

 If not on Zoom, discuss how do people get there (mass transit, van, drive)?

 If on Zoom, discuss how accessible the online space was (closed captions, large font, etc.) How were people with disabilities supported during the event? What was the staff to people supported ratio?
• Consider Graziano’s Emergent Focus (normalization, advocacy and empowerment from Graziano: The Twentieth Century Revolution
o Did the experience address 5 primary issues of social role sensitivity (more equivalents of all citizens, possessing the rights to pursue the highest quality of life possible, being accepted, being integrated into society as fellow citizens, having respect, freedoms, and safeguards provided for all citizens)? How?

• Consider Bersani’s “Values, Policies and Practices”
o How did this experience fit with the “where do we want to end up” section of the
writing? How does this compare to the integration criterion discussed in the article? How does this address employment, community education, quality if life? Explain your grading.
• Consider Wieck’s “Defining Value-Based Service System”
o Where do you rank the experience – consider “Institution as Community” thru to
“Joshua Committee”? Why? Are emerging values/future trends incorporated: educ/work/soc/adv? How are learning skills incorporated (p12)? Relationships (p13)?
• Consider Wolfersberger’s “Rhetoric v Reality” and latent function
o What are the manifest functions of the experience? What are some possible latent
functions? Based on what you observed: rhetoric or reality?

• Consider McKnight’s “Regenerating Community”
o Which of the three models of McKnight’s “vision of society” is best represented? Explain.

• Conclude with your overall impression from the observation you conducted. What was this experience like for you?